Monday, June 9, 2014

Post From Papaw

Our three grandchildren are staying with us for the next couple of weeks and as I write this I am equally exhausted and elated by having them here. They are a pleasure beyond words, and I have such profound feelings of pride when I'm with them. But I have to say they require a tremendous amount of energy to keep up with them. Last night I got to experience one of the great joys of grand parenting; reading to them Bible stories before they drifted off to sleep.
I shared with them the story of Noah hearing from the Lord that a Great Flood was coming and that God wanted to save the animals and the only good people left on earth; Noah and his family. When I concluded telling them about the rainbow, God’s promise to never again destroy the earth with water again, I heard my six year old granddaughter Carys say the most wonderful words. “Papaw, tell us another story. Tell us about Jesus’  birth.” 
It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Your pastor and partner in ministry,

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