Friday, June 20, 2014

Son of God

If one day a movie were produced about your life, what moment/story would it capture? If it were limited to around two hours, what events/relationships would it focus on? Would it be a comedy? A tragedy? A drama? Perhaps some of all three rolled together? How would it end? And would people still be interested in your biopic  2000 years from now? My guess would be—and this is certainly true of me—that our largely forgettable life stories would be largely forgotten less than 2000 days after their release dates.
Not so with the life of Jesus. He has been portrayed in hundreds of films since movies were invented. The producers of the immensely popular “The Bible” mini-series on the History Channel,  released a full length feature film this February about the life of Jesus called “Son of God”.
There are many memorable moments that are beautifully portrayed in this  retelling of the Gospel story. One of my favorite scenes is when Jesus played by Diogo Morgado enters the tomb that holds the body of Lazarus. We know the story from John 11 when Jesus raises him from the dead. In one of the film's more interesting moments, Jesus, standing over Lazarus, reaches down to kiss the forehead of His dead friend, and as He does, Lazarus' eyes open. The scene, underscored by a Hans Zimmer soundtrack is simply thrilling.
Celebration Community Church’s radio station 98.5 THE TRUTH is hosting a FREE screening of the film “Son Of God” tonight (Friday)  at 7:05 on the Big Screens in our Worship Center. There will also be free popcorn and pop.
Tell your friends about this first of our monthly Friday Family Flix.
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98.5 THE TRUTH Presents:
Friday Family Flix FREE!
TONIGHT,  Friday June 20th 7:05 @ C3

Good food, good guys, learning more about our GREAT GOD! (if you have a weed wacker bring it so after breakfast we can tidy up the perimeter of our building)

WELLNESS FAIR THIS SATURDAY 9am-12noon (Come & Go)    

Tell all Middle & High School students you know. ALSO contact to find out what she still needs donated.

As part of their study, Brown Church Growth Development would like everyone in  our congregation to fill out a short survey that will only take a couple minutes.  You can find the survey here:  Please do so ASAP!

This Sunday at 8:30, 10, 11:30am & 6pm at C3 hear Encounter’s Dr. Jeff Burnett teach on how to “Love Like Jesus”.

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