Thursday, June 26, 2014


“ Imagine this or imagine that” . . ." What do you mean when you say those words? More importantly, what are you really doing when you imagine something? As created beings by an infinitely creative God, one of our greatest treasures, perhaps the dearest fingerprint of God upon us, is our ability to imagine. When we imagine, what is it we are doing? I don't pretend to fully understand the mystery of the human mind and heart, but I believe it is safe to say that when we imagine, our minds are working in concert with our hearts to create images of what we believe is a preferred future.  In my thinking, this is what I call the imagination. It is a bridge between the heart and mind and what God’s perfect will is.  It is our imagination that is our effort to re-integrate and reconnect our hearts and minds with that of God’s since they were fragmented by the Fall.   
I would like you to imagine over 200 middle and high school students pouring into Celebration Community Church this weekend. Imagine them passionately singing praise songs to God. Imagine them laughing out loud at the skits, videos and games. Imagine them meeting new friends and fellowshipping with old ones. Imagine them making deeper commitments to Christ after hearing powerful messages by our teaching pastors. What a wonderful weekend this will be if our CrossCurrent Youth Conference comes anywhere near to what you have just imagined.
If you know a teenager…and who doesn’t, encourage them to attend CrossCurrent’s 11th Annual Youth Conference “Imagine” this Friday and Saturday. I can just imagine what a difference it will make in their lives. Contact for more information.

Your pastor and partner in ministry,


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